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B2B Howard & MLK Memorial Visit
Meet Our Mentors


We have a dedicated group of men who come out each Tuesday, from 5:30 -7:00 pm, and volunteer their time to this program.  Many of them have families of their own, but they are passionate about giving back to the community in this manner; helping to inspire the young men in the community.  Currently, our group is comprised of current and retired teachers, a former fire chief, law enforcement officers, small businessmen, IT specialists, an Armed Services veteran, and the list goes on. 

Men and women over the years have graciously offered their time, skills, and life experience to positively impact the lives of these young men.  We represent the community’s desire to assist in the overall improvement of the quality of life for these youth.  Through group discussions, facilitated meetings, presentations, and team building activities Brother to Brother supports young men by helping them understand the importance of education and good self-esteem.  Mentees are required to spend at least 20 hours giving back to others by performing community service. 

Our program has always collaborated with school officials and teachers, guidance counselors, and principals, along with other local community academic and social support groups.


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Joe Davis, EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR is a deeply committed and focused dad, independent businessperson, and community leader. A graduate of Rutgers University, a twenty three-year

expert in pharmaceutical sales, a certified personal trainer, and a long-standing mentor to

adolescent young men.


Joe who is no stranger to volunteering and mentoring has coached Kinderkicker’s soccer, T-ball, softball, baseball, football, and is a strong advocate for developing youth into responsible citizens. 

As the eight-year veteran Program/Executive Director of the nonprofit ‘Brother to Brother’ group mentoring program, Joe has maintained a deep commitment to improving the lives of stigmatized teenage boys.

Through his efforts and the mentors and volunteers he manages, Joe has proven his ability to maintain a high-level of student attendance and retention, drive better mentor performance, and boost program improvement through quality initiatives. Joe has increased ‘Brother to Brother’ community support, developed key coalitions, and has built local relationships with a shared sense of purpose.

Over the past eight years, Joe has tripled the amount of student participation by increasing the amount of fun and educational activities; quadrupled the program’s fundraising goals, increased active student involvement in community events such as helping locals survive Hurricane Sandy, and increased family involvement in shaping and maintaining the program’s mission.

Joe has also increased ‘Brother to Brother’ emphasis toward uncomfortable topics such as bullying, the dramatic uptick in more dangerous forms of teenage drug and alcohol use, violence against females, and direct perils to their lives by making sometimes foolish and unhealthy life choices.

Joe and his wife Donna have three successful college-aged children, two daughters Danielle and Deja, and their son Justin and granddaughter Tyler. Despite juggling multiple commitments and family pressures and responsibilities, Joe’s passion for the ‘Brother to Brother’ program is a source of strength for the organization, and his need to "change the world"; has brought about important advancements to the teenagers he serves.

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Frederick R. Cook


Fredrick R. Cook, better known as “Rikki” was raised in Montclair, NJ where he attended Montclair Public Schools. Rikki graduated from Montclair High and The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC) earning his high school diploma and Bachelor’s degree respectively while engaging in competitive sports and active in community service.

Community service came naturally for Rikki as he and his siblings were unquestionably able to bring both pets and/or friends home for food and shelter during their childhood. Additionally, he and his siblings spent their Christmas monies on gifts for the needy after visiting The Salvation Army’s Christmas tree where people hung “wish list" tags.  

Rikki has always had and continues to have that spectrum of sharing, giving, and caring.

He has been involved with UNC’s Children’s Hospital event while in college and has been a coach with the Montclair Cobras PeeWee Football Team. Rikki is currently an active mentor in the Brother to Brother program and has been since 2013.  

Rikki is a 12 year veteran of the Montclair Police Department and is currently assigned as a Detective in the Juvenile Aid Bureau.  He is also the current president The Sentinels-16, a minority police officer community service organization, and is a member of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Incorporated.

Rikki currently resides in Montclair with his wife Stefany, daughter Malia and son Kairo.  


Garth Anthony Guthrie Jr.

Garth Anthony Guthrie Jr. is a Montclair native who loves to serve his community. Outside of community service, his hobbies include spending time with his family, playing basketball, video games, and fitness.

Today, Garth is a Drew University alumni with a major in biology and a Brother to Brother mentor. Garth strives to give back the same amount of positive guidance that he received in the same Brother to Brother program as a teen. His goal is to one day inspire and motivate today’s youth to be the best versions of themselves that they can be. 

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Garth Anthony Guthrie Sr.

Garth Guthrie has been a mentor with Brother to Brother for ten years and in addition to his own community service, volunteers with other local organizations such as Montclair Neighborhood Development Corporation and Toni’s Kitchen. He is also affiliated with the Mindful Breath Foundation. Garth lives in Montclair where he has been a Police Officer for 22 years and also works as a per diem paramedic for St. Joseph’s Hospital in Paterson for the past 27 years. He and his wife Madeline have three children, the oldest has joined Brother to Brother as a mentor.  

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Tyrone Hulin

Tyrone Hulin has been a mentor for the Brother to Brother Program for almost 5 years. He has over 30 years of experience in Corporate America.

He is currently employed by the Montclair Board of Education as a Paraprofessional. He also pastors the Trinity Temple Church Of God in Christ and is also the president of its community development corporation, which is located in Montclair, NJ.

He is a graduate of Rutgers University and is the proud parent of 2 adult children (Jasmine and Marcus) and 2 grandsons (Beau & Wes).

Art Settembrino


Arthur Settembrino is a proud husband and father of two beautiful girls. Family, friendship and service are his most cherished passions. Mr. Settembrino has served the community of Montclair for the past 20 years: as a physical educator, peer leadership advisor, challenge course manager, restorative justice teacher on special assignment and student assistance counselor. He  has always been a facilitator of experience more than a disseminator of information. 


As a mentor for Brother to Brother, Mr. Settembrino is committed to learning and growing along with his fellow mentors and mentees. He is honored to share his passion for mindfulness with the group; and it is his wish that his offering will be of benefit. 

Khyree Silas


Khyree Silas is a firefighter in the city of Orange.

He graduated from Montclair High School in 2012. 

Khyree enjoys exercising, traveling, and helping out in the community on his days off. 


Arnold Whitley


Arnold Whitley has recently retired as an Industrial Arts teacher (IT) after about 40 years.  He is a graduate of Montclair State University. 

Arnold has taught various subjects for grades 4th through 12th, i.e., drafting, different shops, and peer leadership.

His daughter is a Rutgers graduate and was a member of Sister to Sister, while attending Montclair High School.

Arnold believes he has a lot to offer today’s youth especially in the technical fields. 

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