Teen mentoring program in session
Our Goals
  • To foster self- confidence and self-advocacy

  • To develop leadership, accountability and decision-making skills

  • To promote exploration of new ideas and challenges through new experiences

  • To promote academic achievement from middle- through high-school to help prepare students for college, trade school or other careers

  • To promote work-readiness, life skills and support structures, entrepreneurship, or other employment opportunities

  • To promote a healthy lifestyle by advocating drug-free, alcohol-free, tobacco-free, and crime-free behavior

  • To help students recognize anger management issues and develop techniques to improve their decision and problem-solving skills

  • To teach financial literacy and the value of community service

  • To promote team bonding during ‘fun’ activities for students & mentors 

  • To provide communication workshops for participant parents and caregivers

Our Mission & Focus

Brother to Brother Mentoring Program is a 501c3 non-profit organization, established in 2007, focuses on meeting the needs of all middle and high school male adolescents.  In 2016, the organization expanded its program to include 4th and 5th grade students in the Charles Bullock Elementary School.  Our group mentoring activities are designed to be school-anchored and community-based to foster safe, nurturing, and positive relationships between adult mentors and their male mentees, their families, teachers and guidance counselors, local community leaders and social support groups.  Mentoring encourages positive choices, promotes high self-esteem, and academic achievement.  It helps to foster confidence in young people that allows them to be the best version of themselves, and become more productive members of their community. 


Our weekly mentoring sessions provide an atmosphere where they can work on those fundamental skills required for them to achieve academic and social excellence.  Our activities support young men by helping them to increase self-confidence, providing them with a higher likelihood of earning and high school diploma and fostering a decreased probability of experimenting with risky behaviors, i.e., drugs, alcohol, casual sexual behavior, or bullying. 


Our Mentors, members of the community, offer their time, skills, and life experiences to positively impact the lives of these young men.  We represent the community’s desire to assist in the overall improvement of the quality of life for our mentees. 

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