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yogi berra museum october 2

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Career Day with the Army

yogi berra museum october 2
yogi berra museum october 2


New applications are required each school year for our records and must be completed in order for your child to participate in any offsite activities/trips. 

We are required by the state to provide the information requested on the application form in order to receive funding for Brother to Brother/ Little Brother to Brother programs.  This should be the same information that your child's school requires, and we also require it in order to be in compliance.  If you feel more comfortable providing this information in private, please make an appointment to come to the office with your documents.  
We would also like to request that all applications be submitted online; to cut down on errors when information is entered into our database.  Once an application is submitted your child is welcome to start attending meetings.  If you do not have access to a computer, we will be happy to work with you in our office.  Please call and make an appointment to request this service.  
Thank you for your consideration in this matter.  


Documents for Brother to Brother Program

Documents for Little Brother to Brother Program

Brother to Brother or Little Brother to Brother Programs


Our Brother to Brother (BTB) young men are all Essex County male middle and high-school-aged adolescents ranging from the 6th through the 12th grades.  Their families, teachers, and guidance counselors seek out our support, knowing that BTB can help these young men maintain a positive self-image, proper conduct, and see the need to work hard for educational success. 


We offer young men a community where they can hear from others their age, and from men as well, as they share their stories and understand they are NOT ALONE.  With mentoring young men are making better choices resulting in higher grades and fewer discipline issues.  Teenage years are the critical window of opportunity to empower boys to follow their dreams. 


Brother to Brother offers young men a safe place where they can talk about what is really going on in their lives within a community of mentors and peers who listen and help them make better choices.  


Parents requested a similar program for elementary school boys as well.  We heard the call, and in 2015, we expanded the program to include Little Brother to Brother (LBTB) for 4th and 5th graders at Charles H. Bullock School.  In 2017, the program was expanded again to include Watchung School.  We continue to grow.  Bradford and Edgemont Montessori were added in 2019.  Our newest addition is Northeast.  

Student and Parent Eligibility Requirements: 

  1. Student enrollment is free.  Parents/caregivers, however, must fully complete a student application for their teenager to be enrolled in the program.  We receive state and/or federal funding, and therefore applicant parents/caregivers or guardians, if requested, must also submit income or income status information. 

  2. Male students who are currently enrolled in school in grades 6-12, qualify to participate in the Brother to Brother program. 

  3. Students enrolled in grades 4-5 at Charles H. Bullock, Watchung, Bradford, Hillside and Edgemont Montessori, and Northeast Schools qualify to participate in the Little Brother to Brother Program. 

  4. Students must have parental/caregiver permission and ongoing support to participate in the program.  This includes a commitment to have their child attend most weekly, 2-hour meetings, and periodic special events for the duration of the academic year.

  5. Students and parents must agree to fill out a short confidential questionnaire at the beginning and end of the program cycle.  These questionnaires help us improve the quality of the services we provide. 

  6. Our program Parent Liaison will contact you after reviewing the application and release form you submit, to clear up any questions.

  7. Your child is welcome to join us at the next scheduled evening meeting.  Please review the appropriate brochure for your school's meeting schedule (see above). 

Brochures will be revised when students are released from remote learning.  

          Mindfulness Instruction

Mindfulness Meditation


Thank you Fred Randall, of the Mindful Breath Foundation, for introducing our students to meditation and yoga.  Some of the benefits of this practice are:  less stress, anxiety, and depression; helps develop positive social connections, increases mental strength and focus, increases memory retention and recall, helps manage ADHD, and improves your immune system. 


For more information on classes, please contact Fred at frandall2@comcast.net



Young men are exposed to multiple, positive role models, including business leaders from the community, group facilitators, mentor lead activities and their peers.  Weekly meetings create connections and trust that allow the young men and their mentors to talk openly and freely about the challenges in their lives.  Our offsite events, basketball games, getting to know you sessions, ​college tours, mock interview process, assisting Toni's Kitchen, and other activities help to nurture these relationships. 


A Message from our Director

Father's Day Breakfast_060.JPG
Awards & Ceremonies


At the end of the year, we hold a Father's Day Breakfast and Award Ceremony, where we honor all those who participated in the mentoring program during the year.  All students who have met the attendance commitment are awarded certificates.  We provide all our seniors with Book Scholarships.  We acknowledge and honor community sponsors and others for their help and assistance during the year. Our keynote speaker brings an inspirational message to those in attendance.  This is a wonderful way of giving back to the community and closing out the school year.